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The Naked News Daily Male is now available to Rainbow TV viewers!

The male version of "the program with nothing to hide" is the latest premium channel available for subscription for Rainbow TV viewers!

The Naked News Daily Male is a news infotainment television program featuring an all-nude male cast covering both the serious and lighter side of news.

With over 200 minutes* a month of quality Naked News Daily Male content, from as little as $AU17.95 a month there will be plenty to inform and entertain you every day.

Providing you with daily news, entertainment and regular weekly segments. Each new episode informs and entertains you with the lighter side of the news and the behind the scenes shenanigans of the Naked News Daily Male anchors.

To view the Naked News Daily Male, first download and install Rainbow TV (by selecting the 'yes' option below). Upon completion of installation, right-click on the Rainbow TV icon in your systems tray, then select 'Subscribe Now' or 'Premium Channels' and follow the prompts.

* Due to content rights restrictions, on a day to day basis we may not be able to show you all the show's segments on Rainbow TV. Nevertheless, with over 200 minutes of content per month, Naked News Daily Male is sure to please.

WARNING: Contains nudity and R 18+ content

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Certain content shown on Rainbow TV is intended for viewing by Adults 18 years and over only.

Are you aged 18 years or older? Click the 'yes' button to download Rainbow TV.

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